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Welcome to the marine life directory of Example Divers.

Koh Tao offers a big variety of marine life animals. One of the most exiting things to see here are Whale Sharks. The biggest chance to see them are in the months March, April, May, September and October at the dive sites Chumpon, Southwest or Sail Rock.

All year around you are very likely to see (different kinds of) anemonefishes, angelfishes, barracudas, butterflyfishes, corals, damselfishes, groupers, jacks, nudibranchs, porcupinefishes, parrotfishes, moray eels, shrimps, stingrays and turtles. You probably see many more other species .

Whether you will do a dive course or do fun diving at Example Divers, you will definitely see many marine life animals. Our staff can advise you when you are looking for something specific.

  1. Christmas tree worm

    Spirobranchus giganteus

    John A. Anderson (C) All rights reserved

  2. Moorish idol

    Zanclus cornutus

    laszlo-photo (CC: BY)

  3. Giant moray

    Gymnothorax javanicus

    Mark Doherty (C) All rights reserved

  4. Greyface moray

    Gymnothorax thyrsoideus

    Elias Levy (CC: BY)

  5. Dotted nudibranch

    Jorunna funebris

    Jette Vis (C) All rights reserved

  6. Ocellated nudibranch

    Phyllidia ocellata

    Jung Hsuan (C) All rights reserved

  7. Varicose wart slug

    Phyllidia varicosa

    marianneb (C) All rights reserved

  8. Blue-barred parrotfish (subadult)

    Scarus ghobban

    laszlo-photo (CC: BY)

  9. Ember parrotfish (male)

    Scarus rubroviolaceus

    Derek Keats (CC: BY)

  10. Spot-fin porcupinefish

    Diodon hystrix

    ligio (C) All rights reserved

  11. Black-blotched porcupinefish

    Diodon liturosus

    Roman Vintonyak (C) All rights reserved

  12. Stellate puffer (adult)

    Arothron stellatus

    Rich Carey (C) All rights reserved

  13. Goldlined spinefoot

    Siganus guttatus

    Elias Levy (CC: BY)

  14. Bearded scorpionfish

    Scorpaenopsis barbata

    prilfish (CC: BY)

  15. Pink and black sea cucumber

    Holothuria edulis

    Ed Bierman (CC: BY)

  16. Thorny seahorse

    Hippocampus histrix

    prilfish (CC: BY)

  17. Columbrine sea krait

    Laticauda colubrina

    Dan Exton (C) All rights reserved

  18. Crown-of-thorns starfish (appearance 1)

    Acanthaster planci

    Ethan Daniels (C) All rights reserved

  19. Blacktail reef shark

    Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos

    Sebastien Burel (C) All rights reserved

  20. Bull shark

    Carcharhinus leucas

    FAUP (C) All rights reserved

  21. Blacktip reef shark

    Carcharhinus melanopterus

    Sergey Utkin (C) All rights reserved

  22. Whale shark

    Rhincodon typus

    kaschibo (C) All rights reserved

  23. Bluestripe snapper

    Lutjanus kasmira

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  24. Bigeye snapper

    Lutjanus lutjanus

    Jayvee Fernandez (CC: BY)

  25. Hawksbill sea turtle

    Eretmochelys imbricata

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved