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For diving, the Gulf of Thailand has some outstanding marine environments, and Pattaya, with its surrounding islands, certainly has its share. We have an abundance of hard and soft corals, countless species of marine life, and some of the only wrecks found in Thai waters.

The Pattaya Bay area is fortunate in that its weather and sea conditions allow year-round diving. Visibility on all types of dives ranges between 6-30 metres depending on time of year, weather, sea conditions and currents (which are usually very mild).

The marine life is extremely varied and quite prolific with clowns, butterflies, tangs, damsels, groupers, snappers, morays and stingrays to name just a few. It is characterized by a noticeable lack of large pelagic. However, these can be found further south along the  coastline and often seen on trips to the Ko Chang islands. Whale shark sightings have also been noted on these trips.

Nurse sharks, black tips, blue-spotted rays and turtles are seen on almost every dive. Dive depths vary from 3 metres close to the islands down to 15-18 metres where the coral begins to peter out. Generally, the best and most colourful coral dives take place between 6 - 15 metres. Wreck dive depths are between 18 - 40 metres. (source:

  1. Yellowtail clownfish

    Amphiprion clarkii

    Tiago Sa Brito (C) All rights reserved

  2. Clown anemonefish

    Amphiprion ocellaris

    Levent Konuk (C) All rights reserved

  3. Pink anemonefish

    Amphiprion perideraion

    cbpix (C) All rights reserved

  4. Bluering angelfish

    Pomacanthus annularis

    Nantawat (C) All rights reserved

  5. Emperor angelfish (adult)

    Pomacanthus imperator

    davidpstephens (C) All rights reserved

  6. Emperor angelfish (juvenile)

    Pomacanthus imperator

    Nantawat Chotsuwan (C) All rights reserved

  7. Great barracuda

    Sphyraena barracuda

    aquapix (C) All rights reserved

  8. Yellowtail barracuda

    Sphyraena flavicauda

    Kristina Vackova (C) All rights reserved

  1. Orbicular batfish (adult)

    Platax orbicularis

    James A Dawson (C) All rights reserved

  2. Longfin batfish (adult)

    Platax teira

    Jung Hsuan (C) All rights reserved

  3. Moontail bullseye

    Priacanthus hamrur

    kaschibo (C) All rights reserved

  4. Fluted giant clam

    Tridacna squamosa

    aquapix (C) All rights reserved

  5. Longhorn cowfish (adult)

    Lactoria cornuta

    Dray van Beeck (C) All rights reserved

  6. Yellow boxfish (adult)

    Ostracion cubicus

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  7. Yellow boxfish (baby)

    Ostracion cubicus

    Tiago Sa Brito (C) All rights reserved

  8. Yellow boxfish (juvenile)

    Ostracion cubicus

    Stubblefield Photography (C) All rights reserved

  1. Lined butterflyfish

    Chaetodon lineolatus

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  2. Raccoon butterflyfish

    Chaetodon lunula

    Rich Carey (C) All rights reserved

  3. Copperband butterflyfish

    Chelmon rostratus

    Ian Scott (C) All rights reserved

  4. Large toothed cardinalfish

    Cheilodipterus macrodon

    Levent Konuk (C) All rights reserved

  5. Tiger cowrie

    Cypraea tigris

    Vlad61 (C) All rights reserved

  6. Spectacled box crab

    Calappa philargius

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  7. Porcelain crab

    Neopetrolisthes maculatus

    Christophe Rouziou (C) All rights reserved

  8. Whip coral crab

    Xenocarcinus tuberculatus

    prilfish (CC: BY)

  1. Scissortail sergeant

    Abudefduf sexfasciatus

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  2. Indo-Pacific sergeant

    Abudefduf vaigiensis

    serg_dibrova (C) All rights reserved

  3. Blue green damselfish

    Chromis viridis

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  4. Reticulate dascyllus

    Dascyllus reticulatus

    Jung Hsuan (C) All rights reserved

  5. Scribbled leatherjacket filefish

    Aluterus scriptus

    Al@in76 (CC: BY)

  6. Yellowstripe goatfish

    Mulloidichthys flavolineatus

    Kristina Vackova (C) All rights reserved

  7. Freckled goatfish

    Upeneus tragula

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  8. Peacock hind (stripped appearance)

    Cephalopholis argus

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

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