About the filter

MyFishGallery contains a big and growing database with marine life pictures. To find what you are looking for you can either search via a keyword or filter via tags. Your search will influence the images in the 'Identify Marine Life' window on the left. 

When no filters are used, all the marine life in the database will be shown. If you are searching for something specific, it is recommended to use one or multiple filters to reduce the results. 

Use the search field when you already know or have an idea what you are looking for. Type a keyword and click on 'search' or push the enter button on your keyboard. It will search for similarities in the common names, alternative names, Latin names and all the tags. The images will be filtered and only the images which have the same keyword assigned will be shown. It is possible to combine the search field with the tags.

Use the tags if you want to filter the database using predefined and multiple characteristics. The tags are clustered within groups and you select by clicking on them. Selected tags will be moved upwards into the ‘selected tags’ segment. At the same time the images on the left will be filtered. Only images which have been assigned the same tags will be shown. The tags in the filter will also be affected. Only the tags which have been assigned to the remaining images will be shown.

The geographical tags work slightly different then the others. They have four levels: 'Continents', 'Countries', 'Provinces or Seas' and 'Places'. Use these tags if you only want to see the marine life in a certain area, for instance the place where you are actually diving at.

When you used the search field you can remove the filter by deleting the keyword and clicking on ‘search’ or push the enter button on your keyboard. To remove a selected tag, click on the ‘x’ behind the tag in the ‘selected tags’ segment. If you want to delete all tags at once, then click on ‘Delete all filters >’. This button does not have n effect on the geographical tags though. 

Please keep in mind that the geographical tags will be remembered by the website until you log out. All other tags will be reset when you leave the filter page.

The website is launched with a practical but limited set of tags. Tags like color, pattern and other distinctive features will be added later.