is a website for scuba diving professionals, scuba divers and snorkelers. It has a big and growing picture database of saltwater marine animals. MyFishGallery has developed modules which make use of this database:

Who and why
MyFishGallery is an idea of and is being maintained by Taco from the Netherlands. In the beginning of this century I spend one year backpacking through Asia. I spend much time on a great little island in the Gulf of Thailand: Koh Tao. Here I did a divemaster course and guided fun divers.

While diving and snorkelling around Asia I saw some amazing marine life and it bugged me that I could only log the names of the marine life I have seen. I felt the need to add pictures to my dive logs.

An amazing year went by and I returned to the Netherlands to continue my career in Human Resource Management. During my holidays I did some fun diving, but when time passed by I found myself not diving for a couple of years.

In 2011 I finally went back to Koh Tao and much had changed. However to my surprise the marine life identification tools where still the same: plastic fish ID cards, disintegrated fish ID books and discoloured plasticized pictures. I also expected an online tool would have been developed by now which integrates high quality marine life pictures with a dive log. However I did not find a website or app to my liking.

The idea of a worldwide online tool that combines a digital dive log with quality marine life pictures stayed on my mind. In 2012 I was still enthusiastic about the concept and I decided to create it myself. I let a creative company develop my idea, do the web design and the web development. In 2013 this website went online with almost 300 marine species living in the Gulf of Thailand. In the years that followed I improved the website, added more modules and expanded the database with more ecosystems. Now a days the database contains more than 1400 species and 6400 mostly high quality pictures.

My latest development is the ´templates and sharing´ module for scuba diving professionals. This is a unique and innovative tool to quickly create a marine life gallery (dive log optional) and share it with the customers who joined the dive or snorkel trip.
This module is a time efficient way to inform divers/snorkelers in more detail about the marine life they saw.
What’s next
The focus is on promoting the ‘templates and sharing’ module to scuba diving professionals.

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Scuba diving professionals
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