Identify marine life
With this module you can identify the marine life you have seen. You can filter the database using tags or the search field. The location filter selects the marine life within a geographic area: continent, country or sea/province. You can filter by categories (like: fish, rays or eels) and by species (like: angelfishes, parrotfishes or sharks). Future filters will be colours, patterns, sizes and shapes.
The common and Latin name will appear when you hover over an image. You will enter its picture gallery when you click on the marine life image.

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Dive logs with marine life pictures (galleries)
Any picture in de database (more than 6400) can be added to personal galleries. You can also add a dive log and register all other relevant details of your dive/snorkel trip. You have the possibility to share the gallery on social media and your followers can leave comments. 

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Marine life directories (of MyFishGallery)
Anyone can add content to their own website or social media by linking to a marine life directory. MyFishGallery creates galleries with a specific theme, like: Marine life of Bonaire, World’s butterflyfishes or the top 25 fish of the Great Barrier Reef. The tumbnail image of a marine life animal will be enlarged and the common and Latin name will appear when you click on it or hover your pointer above it. If your desired subject is not available, please let me know and I will create it for you. Marine life directories have advertisements.

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Fish (ID) cards
Create personalized fish (ID) cards using any picture in the database. Link the card to your website and you will have an impressing  display of the marine life in your ecosystem. 
The webiste of a dive center is just no complete without a fish card. Dive centers can also create fish cards per dive site or make cards to use for dive briefings.
Travel agencies can add extra content to their website by creating marine life directories for their diving and snorkeling destinations.

Templates and sharing
Scuba diving professionals can quickly create galleries via templates per dive site and share them with customers. A banner with the company name, logo, links to a website and social pages will be added into shared galleries. A picture and description of the dive leader is also included.
This module consists of four elements which you can administer yourself: ‘My profile’, ‘My dive leaders’, ‘My customers’ and ‘My templates’. 
When a dive center adds a customer in there account and this person has no MyFishGallery account yet (matched by e-mail), then automatically an account will be created for him. Within a few seconds this customer will receive an e-mail with a username and password. If your customer already has a MyFishGallery account then no new account will be created. After the registration you can start sharing galleries with the customer.
When you share a gallery, a copy of it will be placed into the accounts of the selected customers. They will receive an e-mail that you did so, including a direct link to this gallery in their own account. Customers can further edit / complete the gallery and share it on social media if they want to. 
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Dive center page
Dive centers can have their own webpage within MyFishGallery for own pictures and information. Pictures like: your dive shop, the equipment room, the boat or personnel. You can add a short accompanying text per picture and a general text about the dive center, including links to your website and socials.
Benefits of this page:
  • It can be seen by all users of MyFishGallery. Potential customers can be redirected to the dive centers website and socials;
  • Pictures on this page can be added to the dive centers templates to connected to galleries wihich can be shared with customers;
  • Your customers can add pictures of this page to their own galleries.
For now, this page can not be administered by dive centers themselves. You need to e-mail your pictures + texts and MyFishGallery will set it up on your behalf.