About the photo and information gallery

Each animal in the database has an individual photo and information gallery. You can reach it via the ‘Identify Marine Life’ page. The associated gallery will be accessed by clicking on the marine life image.

Here you will find multiple photos of the animal you have selected. I aim to provide you with appealing shots taken from different angles. The photos will be shown in the presentation screen. You can browse them by using the navigation buttons which will appear when you move your cursor onto the presentation screen. Another way to browse the photos is by clicking on one of the thumbnail images.

By using the ‘add to own gallery’ button you can add the shown picture in any previously created gallery or create a new one with it.

Above the presentation screen you will find the common and Latin name of the animal.

A common name of an animal can differ around the world. With regard to fish I use the common name chosen by www.fishbase.org.

Below every photo I give credit to the photographer.

In some cases you will find some interesting facts about the animal in its gallery. The aim is to do this for all marine life in the database. At first MyFishGallery is focusing on adding more marine life and photos to the database instead of describing the animals.

In the ´Alternative names´ part you can read other names used for the animal. I am sure there will be some that are not mentioned, but I have tried to cover the most commonly used names.

In the ´Tags´ part you will find the tags used to describe this animal. When you click on one of the tags you will be redirected to the ‘Identify Marine Life’ page. The chosen tag will then be added to the ´selected tags´ segment, as the first filter of a new search.