About mapped ecosystems

MyFishGallery is mapping worlds most seen marine life one country or ecosystem after another. When a country/ecosystem is mapped you will find its most seen marine life in the database. You can still use the website when you are in a location which is not mapped. Just keep in mind that what you are looking for is not in the database yet.

Below you will find the countries and ecosystems which already have been mapped. For your information I also added which are planned to be mapped.

Available countries and ecosystems

Aruba (caribbean sea)
Australia (including coral sea)
Bonaire (caribbean sea)
Canary Islands (Eastern Atlantic ocean)
Curacao (caribbean sea)
Thailand (gulf of Thailand and andaman sea)
USA (gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys)

Planned countries and ecosystems

Mediterranean Sea
Red sea (like Egypt)
Bali (Indonesia)
.. more, but not decided yet.