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Koh Phangan has lovely sites around the island which are perfect for both beginners and trained divers. From easy dives off the beach to longer trips by boat you can experience the world of tropical diving. All of the dive sites directly around Koh Pha-Ngan are situated on the south west, west and north coasts of the island, with the highest concentration of sites being in the west.
During local dives you are likely to see a surprising variety of hard corals & a healthy cross section of reef & pelagic fish. The main structure of the reefs is hump coral (porites sp.), offering shelter to several different staghorn & table corals, plate & leaf corals, some extensive anemone corals, large brain corals (etc etc!) plus filter & soft corals on the deeper sites.
Every dive should introduce you to a variety of damselfish, angelfish, groupers (some of a fair size!), goatfish, wrasse & parrotfish, snapper & anemonefish to name but a few. You can also find stingray, big schooling barracuda, cuttlefish, tuna & hunting mackerel for example.


  1. Brown-marbled grouper

    Epinephelus fuscoguttatus

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  2. Malabar grouper

    Epinephelus malabaricus

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  3. Harlequin sweetlips (adult)

    Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides

    think4photop (C) All rights reserved

  4. Harlequin sweetlips (juvenile)

    Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  5. Herring scad

    Alepes vari

    Derek Keats (CC: BY)

  6. Orangespotted trevally (yellowish)

    Carangoides bajad

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  7. Bluefin trevally

    Caranx melampygus

    Paul and Jill (CC: BY)

  8. Golden medusa

    Phyllorhiza punctata

    Roberto Caucino (C) All rights reserved

  1. Peacock mantis shrimp

    Odontodactylus scyllarus

    Teguh Tirtaputra (C) All rights reserved

  2. Christmas tree worm

    Spirobranchus giganteus

    John A. Anderson (C) All rights reserved

  3. Moorish idol

    Zanclus cornutus

    Ian Scott (C) All rights reserved

  4. Giant moray

    Gymnothorax javanicus

    Kristina Vackova (C) All rights reserved

  5. Greyface moray

    Gymnothorax thyrsoideus

    Elias Levy (CC: BY)

  6. Dotted nudibranch

    Jorunna funebris

    Jette Vis (C) All rights reserved

  7. Varicose wart slug

    Phyllidia varicosa

    marianneb (C) All rights reserved

  8. Green humphead parrotfish

    Bolbometopon muricatum

    DrTH80 (CC: BY)

  1. Blue-barred parrotfish (adult)

    Scarus ghobban

    Levent Konuk (C) All rights reserved

  2. Ember parrotfish (male)

    Scarus rubroviolaceus

    Derek Keats (CC: BY)

  3. Spot-fin porcupinefish

    Diodon hystrix

    Peter Leahy (C) All rights reserved

  4. Black-blotched porcupinefish

    Diodon liturosus

    asands (CC: BY SA)

  5. Stellate puffer (adult)

    Arothron stellatus

    Stubblefield Photography (C) All rights reserved

  6. Bearded scorpionfish

    Scorpaenopsis barbata

    prilfish (CC: BY)

  7. Thorny seahorse

    Hippocampus histrix

    Ye Choh Wah (C) All rights reserved

  8. Columbrine sea krait

    Laticauda colubrina

    Elias Levy (CC: BY)

  1. Crown-of-thorns starfish (appearance 1)

    Acanthaster planci

    Kim Briers (C) All rights reserved

  2. Long-spine sea urchin

    Diadema setosum

    Jung Hsuan (C) All rights reserved

  3. Bull shark

    Carcharhinus leucas

    FAUP (C) All rights reserved

  4. Blacktip reef shark

    Carcharhinus melanopterus

    Ruth Black (C) All rights reserved

  5. Whale shark

    Rhincodon typus

    kaschibo (C) All rights reserved

  6. Hingebeak shrimp

    Rhynchocinetes durbanensis

    Whatafoto (C) All rights reserved

  7. Banded coral shrimp

    Stenopus hispidus

    serg_dibrova (C) All rights reserved

  8. Checkered snapper

    Lutjanus decussatus

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

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