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Koh Phangan has lovely sites around the island which are perfect for both beginners and trained divers. From easy dives off the beach to longer trips by boat you can experience the world of tropical diving. All of the dive sites directly around Koh Pha-Ngan are situated on the south west, west and north coasts of the island, with the highest concentration of sites being in the west.
During local dives you are likely to see a surprising variety of hard corals & a healthy cross section of reef & pelagic fish. The main structure of the reefs is hump coral (porites sp.), offering shelter to several different staghorn & table corals, plate & leaf corals, some extensive anemone corals, large brain corals (etc etc!) plus filter & soft corals on the deeper sites.
Every dive should introduce you to a variety of damselfish, angelfish, groupers (some of a fair size!), goatfish, wrasse & parrotfish, snapper & anemonefish to name but a few. You can also find stingray, big schooling barracuda, cuttlefish, tuna & hunting mackerel for example.


  1. Pinecone soldierfish

    Myripristis murdjan

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  2. Ribbontail stingray

    Taeniura lymma

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  3. Bearded ghoul

    Inimicus didactylus

    Stubblefield Photography (C) All rights reserved

  4. Titan triggerfish

    Balistoides viridescens

    stephan kerkhofs (C) All rights reserved

  5. Yellowmargin triggerfish

    Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus

    Cigdem Sean Cooper (C) All rights reserved

  6. Green sea turtle

    Chelonia mydas

    Mark Doherty (C) All rights reserved

  7. Hawksbill sea turtle

    Eretmochelys imbricata

    James A Dawson (C) All rights reserved

  8. Redbreasted wrasse

    Cheilinus fasciatus

    Vlad61 (C) All rights reserved

  1. Sling-jaw wrasse (Adult)

    Epibulus insidiator

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  2. Checkerboard wrasse

    Halichoeres hortulanus

    Cigdem Sean Cooper (C) All rights reserved

  3. Tail-spot wrasse

    Halichoeres melanurus

    orlandin (C) All rights reserved

  4. Bluestreak cleaner wrasse

    Labroides dimidiatus

    iliuta goean (C) All rights reserved

  5. Moon wrasse

    Thalassoma lunare

    iliuta goean (C) All rights reserved

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