A special thanks go out to all the photographers who publish marine life pictures under a Creative Commons license. I also want to thank the photographers who gave MyFishGallery permission to use their photo(s) on this website.

MyFishGallery usually takes the initiative to approach photographers. The main reason for this is that I only need marine life pictures of animals from the ecosystem I am mapping. 
If you have one or more marine life pictures you want to make available to MyFishGallery, then you are welcome to contact me. Before you do, please take notice of my guidelines:
  • You have to be the legal owner of all content you offer to MyFishGallery
  • You know the common name of the animal and preferably also the Latin name
  • The photo contains marine life which lives in the ecosystem I have mapped, I am mapping or is planned to get mapped (see the ‘mapped ecosystems’ page)
  • If you have pictures of marine life from ecosystems not mentioned in the ‘mapped ecosystem’ page, please let me know so I can add you to my contact list for future contact 
  • MyFishGallery prefers a link to an online photo gallery to download from (like, instead of receiving individual photos by e-mail. 
  • The picture is of good quality (sharp, colorful and "appealing")
  • There may not be divers visible in the picture 
  • MyFishGallery prefers pictures without names, websites or other text in it
  • MyFishGallery prefers that you offer your pictures in a 3 x 4 format (because our presentation screen has this proportion). 
  • If a pictures is not offered in a 3 x 4 format, then you give MyFishGallery permission to crop it to a 3 x 4 format
  • Keep in mind that your photo(s) might not (all) be used on the website.
  • Only MyFishGallery decides if and when your photo(s) will be published on the website. 
  • MyFishGallery has the right to delete or replace your picture for any reason without prior notice or informing you about it 
  • You have to provide your (nick)name which will be shown below the picture
  • If you have a webpage about marine life (pictures), it can be linked to your name. MyFishGallery has the right to refuse or delete the link for any reason without prior notice or informing you about it.
  • You can request MyFishGallery to withdraw your photo(s) from the active database for any reason. Your request will be carried out as soon as possible. We will make your picture inactive, but it will not be deleted completely from the database. After your request is processed the picture will not be visible in the picture database and therefore can not be selected anymore. If anyone added the picture to their personal gallery before it became inactive, it will stay visible in those galleries.