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  • Warty frogfish (adult - whitish)

    Antennarius maculatus

  • Warty frogfish (adult - yellowish)

    Antennarius maculatus

  • Warty frogfish (juvenile)

    Antennarius maculatus

  • Longlure frogfish (multiple colours)

    Antennarius multiocellatus

  • Painted frogfish (in multiple colours)

    Antennarius pictus

  • Striated frogfish

    Antennarius striatus

  • Spotfin frogfish

    Antennatus nummifer

  • Sargassum frogfish

    Histrio histrio

  • Blue and gold fusilier

    Caesio caerulaurea

  • Yellowtail fusilier

    Caesio cuning

  • Lunar fusilier

    Caesio lunaris

  • Yellow and blueback fusilier

    Caesio teres

  • Variable-lined fusilier

    Caesio varilineata

  • Yellowback fusilier

    Caesio xanthonota

  • Goldband fusilier

    Pterocaesio chrysozona

  • Spotted garden-eel

    Heteroconger hassi

  • Brown garden eel

    Heteroconger longissimus

  • Robust ghost pipefish

    Solenostomus cyanopterus

  • Robust ghost pipefish eggs

    Solenostomus cyanopterus

  • Halimeda ghostpipefish

    Solenostomus halimeda

  • Harlequin ghost pipefish

    Solenostomus paradoxus


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