Identify marine life

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  • Common dolphin

    Delphinus delphis

  • Risso's dolphin

    Grampus griseus

  • Dusky dolphin

    Lagenorhynchus obscurus

  • Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (adult)

    Sousa chinensis

  • Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (juvenile)

    Sousa chinensis

  • Striped dolphin

    Stenella coeruleoalba

  • Atlantic spotted dolphin

    Stenella frontalis

  • Long-snouted spinner dolphin

    Stenella longirostris

  • Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin

    Tursiops aduncus

  • Common bottlenose dolphin

    Tursiops truncatus

  • Florida manatee

    Trichechus manatus latirostris

  • Pelagic thresher shark

    Alopias pelagicus

  • Bigeye thresher shark

    Alopias superciliosus

  • Silvertip shark

    Carcharhinus albimarginatus

  • Blacktail reef shark

    Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos

  • Silky shark

    Carcharhinus falciformis

  • Bull shark

    Carcharhinus leucas

  • Blacktip shark

    Carcharhinus limbatus

  • Oceanic whitetip shark

    Carcharhinus longimanus

  • Blacktip reef shark

    Carcharhinus melanopterus

  • Dusky shark

    Carcharhinus obscurus


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  • XDolphins, sea cows, sharks and whales